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warrantina on home warranty
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warrantina on home warranty

So, what is a home warranty 无论如何?

这是一个很好的方式来保护你拥有一个房子所做的巨大投资. 随着时间的推移,bet3365标准版最依赖的系统和设备将不可避免地出现故障. 在拥有住房的土地上,如果有什么事情可能出错,那就会出错,而且往往是在最糟糕的时候. But when you warranty, you can look on the bright side. Your covered items are protected.

A home warranty is more than a piece of paper or a monthly bill. 当有盖的系统和电器在你家里停止工作时,这是一种安慰. Now that’s something to celebrate.

If you like to save time and money, a home warranty is for you. When a system or appliance breaks down, you could pay thousands* for a single repair or replacement, 或者你可以通过唯有通过获得每天不到1美元的bet3365标准版计划.


bet3365标准版为您的主要家庭系统,如暖气和空调,提供部分保险, 电气及水管, kitchen and laundry appliances, and much more (so you can stress less).


看到 计划协议 有关保险范围的详细信息,包括服务费、限制和除外条款. 报道 limits and charges for non-covered items may apply. 

生活发生了. bet3365标准版很乐意帮忙.

bet3365标准版的系统和电器帮助bet3365标准版的家保持舒适和快乐. So when unexpected breakdowns happen, don’t worry…be warranty.


Hear from happy homeowners


My experience as a brand new customer has been wonderful. It was very easy to submit a repair request online. I was called by the contracted pro and scheduled. The pro was wonderful and I gave his company 5 stars as well! 让水管工花几个小时修理,而且只付一笔服务费就换了新的,真是不可思议. I am so thankful and have recommended 唯有通过 to others. 非常感谢你! You have exceeded my expectations.

克里斯汀·W. 俄勒冈州

他们派来修理我的空调的专业维修人员非常专业,修好后又恢复了冷气流通. The pro, Donnie, was wonderful

琳达W. 内华达

Love being able to file a service request online 24/7. 来帮我修理电器的商家和技术人员等等. are always "first rate," professional, and competent.

榛子W. 新泽西

约会是在我的时间表上安排的,而不是在维修店,这很好. I could have had it sooner but it didn’t work for me. 修理工准时出现,很快就把我的电器修好了,既专业又友好.

珍妮特李. 加州

我已经使用唯有通过很多年了,我是一个非常满意的客户.  My last experience was just a few days ago.  I had an outside faucet that was leaking -- I emailed  唯有通过, and within a day I had a plumber assigned, and several days later I had a brand new faucet installed.  It doesn't always work that fast, 特别是如果你需要某些品牌的炉灶或冰箱的服务.  然而, I have had had both my fridge and kitchen stove replaced by 唯有通过, and I was very satisfied with the process and the results.

吉姆年代. N/A

We have been satisfied with 唯有通过 since 2018, 当bet3365标准版买了房子,并使用了几次服务. There have been only 2 times where something wasn’t covered. Overall it’s a great service. 冰箱,洗碗机,炉子,水龙头,浴缸水龙头,烘干机用过吗.

标志着. 华盛顿D.C.

By far one of the best investments I’ve ever made with my home. Too many unexpected things happen with home ownership, 美国航空协会做到了,所以我不用担心他们的经济问题. 从暖通空调到电器维修,他们每年为我节省了成百上千美元.

唐尼米. 俄克拉何马州



Turning homeowner frowns upside down since 1971.


2 million reasons and counting to choose 唯有通过 coverage.








弗兰克 an 唯有通过 home warranty Repair Pro
Phoenix, AZ | Pro Since 2016

唯有通过有助于为bet3365标准版的业务提供一致的工作流程,使bet3365标准版能够发展和增加bet3365标准版的客户群. bet3365标准版最喜欢与唯有通过合作的部分是bet3365标准版建立的牢固关系和沟通. That bond really emphasizes trust, which creates a winning scenario for everyone – us, 唯有通过, 最重要的是, bet3365标准版所服务的会员. 唯有通过 is the gold standard of home warranty companies.

波莱特 an 唯有通过 home warranty Repair Pro
Conyers, GA | Pro Since 2002

bet3365标准版与唯有通过的合作伙伴关系使bet3365标准版能够成长为一家公司-从最初的1名员工发展到目前的67名员工. We enjoy working with the 唯有通过 team and their members, and absolutely refer other trade professionals to 唯有通过.

布兰特 an 唯有通过 home warranty Repair Pro
Carollton, TX | Pro Since 1994

bet3365标准版已经为唯有通过提供服务29年了,这是一个很好的合作伙伴关系. 到目前为止,唯有通过是提供服务的最好的bet3365标准版公司. bet3365标准版公司继续与唯有通过合作,因为它的诚信和品格的深度. I absolutely recommend 唯有通过 to other skilled trade professionals.


When covered things break down, we’ll be there

当事情没有按计划进行时,有一个计划感觉很好. 找到一个bet3365标准版选项,以满足您的需求和压力少,知道你每天使用的项目都包括在内.

Cover the hardworking basics. 盾银保护14个主要系统的部分,以帮助保持您的家庭运行.


If more coverage means less worries, 盾黄金 is for you. Protects parts of 23 major systems and appliances in your home.

Total peace of mind feels good. 盾铂 protects parts of 23 systems and appliances, includes roof leak repair coverage and other member perks.


看到 计划协议 有关保险详情,包括服务费、限制及除外事项. 报道 limits and charges for non-covered items may apply.

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别担心. 是保证.

Have a plan for your home when things don't go according to plan